What if I make Chat GPT write an article for me?

2 min readMar 25, 2023


Well, well, well, look who’s thinking about getting some help from Chat GPT! You sly dog, you. Don’t worry, I won’t judge. In fact, I’m here to tell you all about the potential benefits and drawbacks of using an AI model to write your articles. And I’m going to do it in a way that’s quirky, fun, and maybe even a little bit weird. Buckle up, folks!

Let’s start with the good stuff. Using Chat GPT to write an article can save you a boatload of time and effort. I mean, why bother with all that pesky research and drafting when you can just let an AI model do it for you? Plus, Chat GPT can provide unique insights and perspectives on a topic that you may not have considered before. It’s like having a really smart, but slightly robotic friend who always has something interesting to say.

But here’s the thing: Chat GPT is not without its quirks. Sure, it can generate high-quality content, but it lacks the human touch that makes writing truly engaging and relatable. I mean, have you ever tried to have a conversation with a robot? It’s not exactly the same as chatting with your BFF over a glass of wine. Chat GPT’s writing may come across as dry or impersonal, which could make it less appealing to readers.

And let’s not forget about context. Using Chat GPT to write an article may not be appropriate in all situations. If you’re writing content for a personal blog or social media account, using an AI model may not align with your brand’s voice and personality. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you might find the idea of an AI model taking over your job a little bit creepy. I mean, who knows what kind of wild ideas Chat GPT could come up with if you let it loose?

All in all, using Chat GPT to write an article for you can be a quirky, fun, and slightly weird experience. Just remember to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks, and to use your AI-generated content in a way that makes sense for your brand and audience. And if you’re ever feeling a little bit lonely, just remember that Chat GPT is always here to talk.