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I’m a specialized UI/UX designer and I teach designing online, to aspiring designers through Superprof (search my name on superprof to view my classes! Free ad plug? maybe :p)

A few months back, this couple from the US contacted me and asked if I could take Web Development classes for them. I have often had this experience of people confusing UI/UX designing and web development, so I clarified the issue, and told them, even though I have some experience in developing websites, my forte is designing. …

I’m a big fan of the Corridor Crew. Their videos are fun to watch and are kinda inspiring in a way. Fifty days ago, I saw a video by them on youtube, in which there was a guest appearance of Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple) who is an amazing 3D artist.

The reason why he is so famous in the 3D world is that he, (at the time of the recording of the particular video), had continuously made 3D art without a break, for 12 years. Not weeks, not months, TWELVE YEARS!

This inspired me a lot. I wasn’t good at…

There are thousands of fonts out there, and finding the right ones could be difficult. I say this because I have one or two fonts that I use everywhere (yes, EVERYWHERE) just because I’m too lazy to go search for new fonts.

So I got an idea to compile a few free fonts every now and then so that I can change “my style” often. Here, I have listed out a few of them along with the download links. Go ham!

1 — BRUT

Brut Gothic is a free sans serif typeface. It is designed mainly for headings and titles. It is inspired…

Button theory #01

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Buttons are everywhere. There are square buttons, circular buttons, rectangular or rounded buttons, star-shaped buttons maybe?

Is there any difference in meaning between these different shapes? Can we use buttons with any shape, anywhere? Or are there specific places to use buttons of a particular shape?

Before moving into that, take a look at one of the most fundamental concepts in UI design, which is...


One of the most fundamental rules in UI design is consistency. It means, every element in the design should feel like it is of the same family. …


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